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A Simple And Quick Stretch Routine For Runners

Watch this Video for a simple stretch routine after your runs!

...But, before you do... runners should be made aware of the current research showing that stretching isnt as importantant as some people think!

  1. Stretching doesnt increase your performance or fitness

  2. Most studies show that stretching doesn't decrease your risk of injury

  3. Elite athletes tend to be less flexible!

  4. Some stretching might be detrimental to certain injuries such as tendinopathy of the glute!

I will post another article next month to explain these outlandish claims!

Remember, dont spend too long stretching, and only stretch when to relieve extreme tightness and DOMS sensations!

I hope you enjoy this video and make sure to catch the post next month explaining why stretching is as important as people think!


James McMurray

Sport and Exercise Health BSc

Physiotherapy BSc

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