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An Athlete and Physio’s Experience with a Hernia Surgery.

As most of you know, I am a physiotherapist as well as an elite athlete. In 2018 I had a sportsman’s hernia which required surgery. This year in January it returned, and I am due to have surgery again in December. After my surgery on the 16th of December, I will be doing a day to day vlog of my rehab to show you guys how I will get myself back into training.

I have made a PowerPoint video that goes through exactly what a “sportsman’s hernia” means (as the term is used for different conditions and can be misleading), describes the surgery process, how to rehab after surgery, and how to know if you might have a hernia. If you suffer from groin pain this may be of interest to you!

There are a few mistakes in the video. When I say ‘adductor canal’, I actually mean ‘ingiunal canal’. Also the BMJ stands for British Medical Journal, not British Media Journal!

Remember to check out my Instagram to see my progression post surgery.


James McMurray

Sport and Exercise Health Science BSc

Physiotherapy BSc


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